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83 Years Of Marriage


This is my favorite story. A few years back in 2017 my best friend Keith and I decided to go  detecting at a nude beach. Most people would not go there just because people are nude.  I was one of those people so I decided that the public beach was better for me. After a few hours of detecting the public beach I received a call from Keith telling me that a man and woman were with him crying but he could'n't understand what they were saying. They were speaking Portuguese. Of course I thought keith was playing a joke on me to get me over to the nude side.

Well I went over to see the couple and spoke to the couple in Spanish and we were able to communicate.  They  informed me that the husband had lost his wedding band either in the water or the dry sand. Well, we both looked for the ring for at least an hour but could not find it. The beach had gotten crowded and we were unable to cover the whole area. I obtained their information in Brazil and promised that we would come back again and look for it in a few weeks. 

Gods Intervention - You decide. After two weeks Keith and I decided to go back and look for the ring. As luck would have it Keith's vehicle broke down and I had to drive. Normally our day starts at 345 a.m and we drive two hours or more to our destination. This day we were delayed by the vehicle breakdown and the expressway traffic, We normally are on the beach before the sunrise but this day and a bad storm the night before brought lots of seaweed on the beach. This caused the city to dispatch tractors to clean up the beach. Tractors disturbing the beach created the perfect recovery scenario. Keith turned on his Minelab Excalibur and BOOM there was the ring on the third target. Well, we both were happy to have found the ring and after  hours of attempting to contact them we made contact, The couple who were on their vacation were still here in Florida. The couple drove down on their last day in the U.S and picked up the ring on their way back to Brazil. 

 Now the best part of the story. Victor and his wife have been married for 33 years. The parents of Victor passed their wedding bands to them after being married for 50 years. That made a total of 83 years of marriage. Victor is now a friend. His wife and him contact Keith and I and have invited us to Brazil anytime we want to go. They even brought Brazil to us by bringing gifts to us a year later. I know as you find Gold rings and other items the giant rush that you get as you look into that scoop holding gold. I also know that even if your tired and ready to leave a gold ring in the scoop will give you that adrenaline rush to keep you searching for another 3 hours. Having said that, there is no better feeling than giving back when you have a chance. I urge you to try that sometime and you will see the joy not only in yourself but the person for whom you have helped. Keith and I do lots of returns. We never take money. All we ever ask for is a photo with us returning the item and that they pay the favor forward to a stranger in need if they ever have the opportunity.